Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Choose an Indian BPO Service Providers?

At present outsourcing is the fastest growing industry in India. It’s not even a decade that outsourcing services has been introduced in the country but it is considered as the best place to outsource the business needs. Today, Indian BPO outsourcing companies are chosen to carry out some of the most vital business endorsement work.

 There are many reasons to affirm that Indian BPO services are the best in providing outsourcing solution. Here are the major reasons to choose an Indian BPO outsourcing companies to outsource:

Young and educated youth plays a vital role in the countries outsourcing services. India’s fifty percent of the population is young and most of them are certified graduates with good quality English speaking ability. Majority of them are employed in multinational companies and other outsourcing service companies giving an outstanding progress in Indian BPO industry. 

Several BPO companies in India are capable of offering 24-Hour Business Services. Few companies started to provide other services to meet the various requirements of the customers in exceptional quality.
Indian BPO Service Providers invest on advanced hardware and software to deliver best of the service and following tough quality checks to ensure error free and excellent service.

As per the industry standards many Indian companies provide numerous outscoring services. It has been proven that outsourcing services to be very advantageous for organization as it develops business performance, increase productivity and work flow. In addition to all these benefits they also offer other benefits like integrating high practice, progress technology, well equipped infrastructure and professional handling services. 

The Industry is also encouraged by The Government of India by providing essential infrastructure and logistical support.

This is the reason that Indian BPO service providers are considered as the best service providers in the world and are chosen to carry out most of the business backing work globally. No doubt that it would continue to hold the top most position even in the future.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shriram Value Title and Settlement Services

Any type whether it may be a short term or a long term project, the data that is involved in the real estate and mortgage plan is always a thorough process and needs a vigilant system for performing complex numerical calculation and updating procedure. Shriram Value Services provides the best Title and Settlement Services without any fear of loss of data and deeply analyzes the documents that are sent in any form and capacity. Once the task is done, the updated and formulated data is sent back to the client within the specified period in compressed format which is easy to manage and download. 

Our Title and Settlement Services include:

• Appraisal review

• Property disclosure reports

• Comparables and recent sales

• Verification reports

• Mortgage recording support

Our clients from United States are among the leading real estate information providers across the country. The client’s company provides a detail and accurate information about the real estate transaction to all. The projects include huge amounts and it needs a strong attention in each and every step we perform. Starting from extracting the details from the document, checking and verifying the data before it is being updated. By mistake if any details are entered incorrectly then the client could lead to legal action.

The task starts off with a simplification of the document. The client sends the documents in an unedited soft copy where we can extract the details. Generally the extracted details include vendor’s name, Property address, sold price, estimated value, comparable values, legal explanation and financial details about the property. The following details are then updated in the software. Before submitting to the client, the updated software undergoes a quality control check to make sure that the update is done flawlessly and then forwarded within the specified time. 

For the past few years Shriram Value Services are involved in many real estate and mortgage projects and also other projects like legal, financial, insurance data entry and blogging and site content structuring. We offer services round the clock and assist you in managing the entire process very effectively and efficiently.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Indian Outsourcing Industry will not be Impacted to a Large Extent by Japan Disaster

From an IT perspective, Japan is the third largest IT market globally. However, India's IT exports to Japan are still small at around $ 1 billion or 2% of total IT exports. The Indian outsourcing industry will not be impacted to a large extent, but business to individual companies, especially small and medium firms with Japan exposure, could be affected.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scope of BPO industry in India

BPO Service Providers

There has been a common misconception among the people in India that career opportunities in the BPO sector is limited. Even though there are numerous job opportunities, not many look forward for long term future in BPO industry. But in fact there are boundless career opportunities in BPO in India. This is evident from the fact that over the years the scope of services has grown from providing just voice based marketing and customer relationship management services to transaction processing in finance and accounting, human resources, insurance, retailing etc. 

India has been evolved as a popular offshore location for outsourcing many sensitive functions due largely to cost benefits and the availability of an appropriate skilled talent pool. Today many BPO companies in India are creating comprehensive roles for employees by expanding globally and providing them the opportunity to work on multiple industry verticals. The industry nurtures challenging entrepreneurial environment as it is fast growing and provides ample opportunity for growth. Since there has been a role shift for BPO from telemarketing to providing high end specialized services, skilled employees are much in demand. This has followed a demand in capability development in the industry as well. 

Professionals have opportunities to work in domain specific back office processes in analytical, advisory and consulting arena. Thus a clear relationship between the BPO industry and the academia can be established. This in fact trains the future workforce to make them industry ready.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BPO services making a change in its own way

Is Business Process Outsourcing services solely for multinational companies? The answer is a complete no. Even though the multinational companies are the prime beneficiaries of the BPO services largely, the benefits of BPO are supporting even the small business to make products and services more affordable, ultimately aiding the customers.

BPO services

Generally the multinational companies outsource their noncore processes to service providers located onshore as well as offshore. Outsourcing a part of their work which are non pivotal helps the companies to reduce operational costs which in turn helps in reducing costs of producing products and services. And this in turn helps the businesses to produce products and services in a cost effective manner. At the same time, BPO services not only support the business and the service providers, they are functional for customers as well. Since customers all around the globe consume products and services offered by multinational companies, they are always in look out for goods at affordable rates. 

Third world countries as well as some of the developing countries suffer from shortage of food, oil etc. even though BPO services can merely contribute anything to improvise the food and oil conditions, it can help in providing products and services at an affordable rate. In this way, BPO service providers are lending a helping hand towards developing countries.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Steps in Choosing The Right BPO Service Providers

At present a large number of companies provide outsourcing services at an effective cost. The only reason is business process outsourcing services allow businesses to cut down the costs in areas like production, labor and marketing. It also allows better efficiency, which is essential in implementing strategic plans and helps business owners to offer their customers with more affordable products and services.

Countries like India, Sri Lanka, China and Philippines are leading in the outsourcing field and also include the best BPO companies in the world. India has a huge number of BPO companies in Asia which functions in several countries offering cheap services to their clients. The number of BPO outsourcing companies in India is increasing each day. Yet, not all companies fulfill the commitments that they have made with their clients. So if you want to outsource your work to a reliable BPO services provider firm, it is always better to do a little inquiry about the company before deciding.

Here are few tips that will help you in choosing the right firm.

Before choosing outsourcing services it is important to know and understand the nature of the tasks that you want to be outsource. Also determine the time required to complete the task because the BPO outsourcing companies should help business firms to save time aside from costs of production.

Next you need to look for service providers who are well experienced professionals and those who can complete the task effectively and efficiently within the given target period.

Infrastructure and location also plays a significant role for the reason that an ideal BPO Service Providers should have high end amenities plus 24 hours customer service for a smooth and real time communication with their clients.

In addition to all these things BPO outsourcing companies should provide multiple BPO services under its wing as this may help you to avail multiple services for your business's needs in future.

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Cloud computing and BPO go hand in hand

There has been much ado over the cloud computing and most people have no idea what it is. Even though is pretty hard to comprehend, in simple terms, cloud computing is internet based computing whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand. We have seen a paradigm shift from mainframes technology to client servers and later client servers to web based applications. Precisely, cloud is a metaphor for the internet and has become an alternative to in house computing system.  

The potent combination of cloud computing and BPO will yield more benefits in the sector like agility, scalability and cost arbitrage. BPO players have been providing process consulting and delivering business processes for clients and if the process can be clubbed with the shared technology infrastructure options of cloud computing, the entire outsourcing business can be facilitated. Hence forth the BPO will see some transformation as it benefit from the associated application platform into the cloud. As the outsourcing process move into a cloud based platform, companies don’t have to worry about the legacy systems, significant investments in maintenance and upgrades and also become cost effective. 

Most service providers of cloud based solutions offer variable pricing and when it joins hands with BPO, the end result is higher cost arbitrage, and even higher scalability. The model is pay per use and the costs can be constantly monitored to be maintained at an optimal level. This is really a relief from the burden of infrastructure costs that BPO companies have been suffering since years.