Friday, October 29, 2010

Creativity takes a turn in BPO sector

Creativity is the new buzz in the business process outsourcing industry. Various industrial sectors are opting for BPO to fulfill the business requirements.The BPO firms were focusing on sectors like finance, insurance, HR and data management and has been tremendously successful. Considering the benefits attained through the outsourcing services, different business sectors are shifting their focus towards BPO services.

The introduction of innovative ideas is mostly seen in the call center scenario with enterprises related to advertising, multimedia, animation and so on. In the computer gaming industry, tremendous growth has been seen with them being an indispensable part of children’s life. The task of developing exclusive gaming contents has been outsourced. The same is the case with the production work of the animation films.

Most of the gaming firms in the western countries outsource their projects on a constant basis to the BPOs. There are many benefits like the outsourcing firms having the right infrastructure and also the rates are very cheap. The demand for BPO service is just expanding over a large number of domains which are related to the creative aspects. What the businesses seek is high end manufacturing services at highly affordable costs.

The BPOs are famous for their commitment in work, quality and also timely delivery of services. Since outsourcing in the insurance, banking and HR sectors have contributed to a major part of the revenue; many leading BPO companies are focusing on adapting creative changes in their strategies thereby initiating more business.

BPO industry is no more under the shadow

Business process outsourcing is no more considered as a side kick of any enterprise as the businesses have realized that the outsourcing is a critical sector that requires specialization in various domains. From being a mere subsidiary of some established ventures involving call centers or support centers, BPO in India have evolved to be a business model in itself.

The BPO sector in India is booming with findings reflecting that the nation contribute to a substantial amount of share in the overall worldwide BPO industry. It has also been expected that the total export of BPO services will grow drastically in the coming years. Here the domestic BPO market is in the limelight as it indicates tremendous growth rate over the years.

What is more innovative is that the industry is undergoing transformation and the organizations are moving way from being the mere back offices to business partners to the clients and even clients are encouraging this transformation waves. The transformation is not only in the business but also in the mindset of the employees joining the firm. The BPO sector is not a fun place anymore and people are opting for long term career option than considering it as a stepping stone. This trend is prominent in the knowledge process outsourcing like the medical transcription.

Initially the banking, insurance and financial services were the flagship of the business process outsourcing industry as they contributed to majority part of the revenues. However in the coming years, the focus would be shifted towards delivering innovation and business outcomes.