Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shriram Value Title and Settlement Services

Any type whether it may be a short term or a long term project, the data that is involved in the real estate and mortgage plan is always a thorough process and needs a vigilant system for performing complex numerical calculation and updating procedure. Shriram Value Services provides the best Title and Settlement Services without any fear of loss of data and deeply analyzes the documents that are sent in any form and capacity. Once the task is done, the updated and formulated data is sent back to the client within the specified period in compressed format which is easy to manage and download. 

Our Title and Settlement Services include:

• Appraisal review

• Property disclosure reports

• Comparables and recent sales

• Verification reports

• Mortgage recording support

Our clients from United States are among the leading real estate information providers across the country. The client’s company provides a detail and accurate information about the real estate transaction to all. The projects include huge amounts and it needs a strong attention in each and every step we perform. Starting from extracting the details from the document, checking and verifying the data before it is being updated. By mistake if any details are entered incorrectly then the client could lead to legal action.

The task starts off with a simplification of the document. The client sends the documents in an unedited soft copy where we can extract the details. Generally the extracted details include vendor’s name, Property address, sold price, estimated value, comparable values, legal explanation and financial details about the property. The following details are then updated in the software. Before submitting to the client, the updated software undergoes a quality control check to make sure that the update is done flawlessly and then forwarded within the specified time. 

For the past few years Shriram Value Services are involved in many real estate and mortgage projects and also other projects like legal, financial, insurance data entry and blogging and site content structuring. We offer services round the clock and assist you in managing the entire process very effectively and efficiently.

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