Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scope of BPO industry in India

BPO Service Providers

There has been a common misconception among the people in India that career opportunities in the BPO sector is limited. Even though there are numerous job opportunities, not many look forward for long term future in BPO industry. But in fact there are boundless career opportunities in BPO in India. This is evident from the fact that over the years the scope of services has grown from providing just voice based marketing and customer relationship management services to transaction processing in finance and accounting, human resources, insurance, retailing etc. 

India has been evolved as a popular offshore location for outsourcing many sensitive functions due largely to cost benefits and the availability of an appropriate skilled talent pool. Today many BPO companies in India are creating comprehensive roles for employees by expanding globally and providing them the opportunity to work on multiple industry verticals. The industry nurtures challenging entrepreneurial environment as it is fast growing and provides ample opportunity for growth. Since there has been a role shift for BPO from telemarketing to providing high end specialized services, skilled employees are much in demand. This has followed a demand in capability development in the industry as well. 

Professionals have opportunities to work in domain specific back office processes in analytical, advisory and consulting arena. Thus a clear relationship between the BPO industry and the academia can be established. This in fact trains the future workforce to make them industry ready.

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