Sunday, February 13, 2011

KPO Anticipate Growth in The Indian Market

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has seen unambiguous growth in the Indian soil. Now the entire world is looking at India as the most sought after place for Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). Many overseas companies have been eyeing Indian market for outsourcing their high tech knowledge based jobs. Same as in the case of BPO, benefits like operational cost saving, pool of talented workforce, infrastructure improvement and favorable government policies have been responsible for KPO to flourish in India. 

Today’s economy being knowledge economy, KPO is a continuous procedure of creation and dissemination of information by bringing together the information industry leaders to create knowledge and see meaning in information and its context. This information driven outsourcing is known as KPO. 

Experts suggest that the global KPO industry is expected to reach USD 17 billion of which almost 70% would be outsourced to India alone. Keeping this in mind, Indian KPO sector has already taken steps in employing highly educated and talented people and number of KPO professionals are expected to cross more than 2 lakh by next year compared to the current statistics. In fact the growth in the KPO segment would be higher than the BPO segment, reveals research. 

India has a large pool of knowledge workers in various sectors ranging from pharmacy, medicine, law, biotechnology, education and training and even intelligence services. This proves that not only Indian companies can handle software services but capable of almost anything. However, long term success of KPO in India largely depends on a holistic approach to the issue.

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